Getting a new radar detector for my car, any options?

So I like to drive quickly.  I’ve gotten a few speeding tickets this year, and if I get another one I am going to lose my license for 6 months.  So I want to find a new radar detector that can help me avoid getting into any more trouble.

I’ve looked at a few different models.  The Escort Redline, Escort 9500ix, and Valentine One.  Now, they are all 3 pretty pricey but from the reviews I have read, they are all 3 among the best radar detectors on the market.

One thing I liked about the Redline is the distance on it’s detection.  Some users reported being able to spot traps up to 5 miles away.  How they figured out exactly how far the traps were, I don’t know, but knowing that the unit will be able to get me through the hills and mountains without any pesky officers lying in wait makes me a happy camper.

Next was the 9500ix from Escort.  It’s slightly cheaper than the Redline, but can is easier to program.  It comes with a technology that helps reduce false alerts  by storing known locations for you.  The GPS tracking and autovolume would be great for the roads I travel on.

Lastly is the Valentine One, or V1.  It’s a classic among car enthusiasts and for good reasons.  I know plenty of friends who have these in their cars, and swear by them, but something always makes me want to be different.  The trend setter, you know.

So there you have it, I’ll make a decision shortly but I wanted to know what you think about the best radar detector out there?

By the way, I got my reviews from:

So I’m Thinking About A Career In Marketing

I’m going to be making the move soon, mainly due to circumstances that I didn’t see coming, so I am thinking about changing careers while I am at it.  I’ve watched a lot of marketing and business shows (Love Mad Men!) and feel like a career in marketing would be a great fit for me.

I Get A Chance To Be Creative — And Get Paid

I pride myself on being creative.  I’ve always been the artsy type growing up, creating things out of nothing and making ugly things beautiful… at least in my own eyes.  Being able to be creative and challenge myself would be hugely rewarding, so I feel like it is a great fit in that regard.  Being able to get paid for being creative is all the better.  I mean, it’s every artist’s dream to get paid doing what they love, but very few every make more than enough to pay the bills.  I’ll make enough to pay my bills for years to come once I am established.

It Is A High Pressure Career

This is the only downside I have come across.  Like most corporate sector jobs it is extremely high pressure.  Both in dead lines from your upper management as well as your co workers vying for each other’s positions, seeing who can rise to the top of the coveted ladder.  This is where most artsy types fall short, being able to compete.  I feel like it is another opportunity for me to challenge myself and develop social skills.  Regardless it will be a fun ride.

Unique Decorations For Your Home

Some furniture that you buy for your house can be both beautiful and functional at the same time.  Take a few of the ideas we’ve put together that make our home more “homey” if you will.  My wife and kids all love the additions, and your family probably will too.

Kids Desk & Bunk Bed Combo

Your kid’s bedroom is their sanctuary.  Give them the space to sleep well, be creative, and organized at the same time and you will see them blossom into a healthy, independent child.  A desk and bunk bed combo is the perfect piece of furniture for achieving this.  The bunk bed is close enough to the ceiling to allow your child to place “cling-ons” to create their own storyscape, while being low enough to see what is going on in their room.

The desk gives them a place to get creative, and do homework if they are in school.  It also teaches them how to be organized.

Home Theater System

Bringing your family together is easy if you have a true home theater system.  You don’t have to go and spend $50,000 to have a room added onto your house with a 20′ wide theater screen to make a big impact.  In fact, you can get a solid system for less than $1500.  A good television is going to cost you around $800.  Figure a 57″ is large enough for any wall, and gives plenty of viewing space so multiple people won’t have to fight over who’s going to sit where.

A solid TV stand will cost you $200, and you definitely want one.  Even if you wall mount your TV, you still want an area for your entertainment systems.  The DVD player, surround sound control, Xbox and a Playstation, with plenty of room for storage of controllers, wires, and everything else that comes with it.

This leaves the surround sound system.  Either wired or wireless.  It depends on your setup, which one you choose.  Wireless systems have come a long way, but the quality on a wireless setup will never match that of a wired system.  Wireless systems also cost more money up front.  The $500 you spend here should be a badass Bluray player, DVD player, 5.1 or 7.1 (either 5 speaker or 7 speaker) with subwoofer combo.  Get at least 500 watts of power if you want a fully immersed home theater.

Tiki Torches And Backyard Hammock

Your back yard can be your home away from home if you approach it right.  During the spring and fall months especially, and sometimes during the summer, sitting back on your hammock while the sun is setting is a great way to relax at the end of the day.  The Tiki Torches provide a great back drop, and work great for keeping bugs away from you while you’re relaxing.

Why Obamacare Sucks For Employers

It is impossible to turn on a news program without hearing about Obamacare.  Especially with the recent government shut down.  The left doesn’t want to give an inch and the right isn’t about to give up any more money, so the country has literally come to a stand still.  I have my own opinions on what is going on with it, and I feel like the bill is destroying the American business owner’s will to survive in this troubled economy.

Employers are being forced to buy insurance for their employees.  I don’t know if you have looked at the prices lately but the rates for health insurance plans are outrageous.  You can look to spend at least $400 per month for a family of 3 in good health, non smokers, and no genetic illnesses.  Being forced to pay these amounts for your employees can be devastating to a small business.

Because employers are being forced to buy insurance for their employees getting 40 hours or more, they are going to start cutting back on peoples hours.  Any employee that gets more than 30 hours a week is going to have to have insurance, so employers will lower the amount of people that get 30 hours or more per week.  By doing this they are going to have to hire more part time people who aren’t nearly as skilled to do the same amount of work as before.  This is a recipe for disaster.

At the end of the day, I do not believe that it is in the government’s best interest to try to control what the private sector does.  The businessmen of the world are the guys that keep it turning, while the politicians make sure they don’t get too big for their britches.  That’s just not right.